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Cognitus Leadership and Executive Coaching LLC


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About Us

We help emerging and current leaders, high potentials, and teams become more self-aware will make them better leaders, peers, and co-workers for their organizations.

Why work with us?
Cognitus Leadership and Executive Coaching LLC aims to empower and guide current and emerging leaders through self-awareness. We are committed to your growth and development as leaders and teams. We believe coaching should be personalized to YOU- our clients!

Why should you get coached?
Coaching can transform leaders who embrace it. Effective leadership coaching can directly impact engagement levels, motivation, and the ability to inspire and drive teams toward success. Leaders who improve emotional intelligence can cultivate healthier work environments and deeper team connections. This, in turn, ensures a more dynamic, responsive, and adaptable organization.

Why should my team get coached?
Integrating coaching into an organization's operations increases engagement and better collaboration and performance. Studies indicate that organizations prioritizing coaching witness a significant increase in employee engagement, with up to 65% of the workforce being highly engaged. This, in turn, improves team performance and retention rates and leads to increased productivity and profitability.


Aaron Abreu- CEO and Founder